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EverQuest 2 Cheats Guides Exploits EQ2 Macros Hacks Secrets and MORE!

EverQuest 2 Cheats EQ2 ExploitsThe world of EverQuest 2 is divided into 2 main kingdoms. The first is city of Queynos is ruled by Antonia Bayle. This city is good in nature and very peaceful to all. The leader Antonia Bayle is actually very young and beautiful but what she has in beauty she also has in wisdom. Even in her late 20s she is already one of the greatest rules to the throne the city of Queynos has ever seen. She has developed over time an ability to drive courage into the hearts of all the people of Queynos which is a main factor for their great kingdoms strengths.


The second kingdom is the city of Freeport. This city's ruler could be nothing farther from the ruler of Queynos. The ruler Lucan D'Lere is an evil leader and uses his powers to rule with an iron fist. As with great rulers of the time he uses his ability to charm and being well-spoken to catch most of his subjects off guard. Even though he is cruel to many he still manipulates his people to follow his every command. His goal is to rule over all his lands and in the end control all of the world.


If you look below you will see some of the newest posts from TaultUnleashed that are confirmed to be working. There are many others but we wanted to give just a small idea of some of the great things we have inside of the site. Remember you can easily become a premium member for free. EQ2 Exploits / EQ2 Cheats for the players that want to do things the game was not intended to do. EQ2 Guides / EQ2 Secrets for the players that want to play by the rules but still have an extra edge on the competition. Finally EQ2 Bots / EQ2 Hacks for the players that want the game to play itself and become so powerful all will fear them.

EverQuest 2 Cheats and Exploits!

Cheats are one of the rarest things in EverQuest 2. The dev teams does a very good job at finding and nerfing most every cheat and exploit in the game. There is no real difference between the terms cheat and exploits both of them will result in a potential account suspension.


A famous exploit in EQ2 was one back in the day for harvesting. What a player would do is first find a specific area to mine in the game. Once they find it they would actually bug their harvesting spot by unplugging their modem and clicking on the node quickly. When that was done correctly it would allow them to instantly harvest the node and it would always be there for them. This exploit was used very much by everyone in the game. It actually made some players extremely rich in the game and gave them an unfair advantage to which they still have today. This was only one of the major exploits in the game of thousands that are out there.


EverQuest 2 Cheats EQ2 Exploits

This exploit was only a minor one. There are other exploits that will help players level more quickly via killing mobs that will instant respawn. With these tricks you can hit the current max level asap.



We only put EverQuest 2 Working items in our EQ2 confirmed sections. 

EverQuest 2 Guides and Secrets!


Guides and secrets for EQ2 are a very valuable tool in the game. With multiple races and classes, a new player to the game is going to need to know exactly what does what with each one. As well of course they want to know the pros and cons of every class later in the game. However EQ2 Guides do not only benefit new players but they do as well for the old players in the game.

When special leveling areas come out a pro to the game will want to know where this is. The leveling spots might contain special mobs that give more than normal amounts of experience, or maybe drop special items that a player can use to help them down the road or turn around and sell them online. Either way this type of guide can help every player.


Secrets and tricks are basically exploits in EQ2 but without the risk of the developers punishing your account focusing them. A trick might be a way to make your player do something funny, or a secret is a special way to kill a mob in a dungeon that will kill him almost instantly. Either way these are something as well players in EverQuest 2 use a great amount.

EverQuest 2 Guides EQ2 Secrets



EverQuest 2 Bots and Hacks!

The 2 most famous eq2 bot and hacks are first of all the EQ2 radar. This radar shows you almost every node in the game on a special radar screen. It also shows you where every other player is in the game. You can easily look around and now find all players and npcs on the map and help yourself with what you need to do. Lastly the radar will show you all specific mobs on the screen. This will allow you to easily find hard to hunt mobs or allow you to just avoid mobs while running in the game.


The second most famous bot for Everquest 2 is the all in one bot. This bot first of all does all type of harvesting so a player can just sit by while the game plays itself for him. This allows you to gain wealth beyond your dreams. The second act of this bot is a hunting but. The hunting bot is so in depth that it will work for any class. So no matter what type of race you are or what type of class you will be able to max your level right away with this bot.

EverQuest 2 Bots EQ2 Hacks Macros



Create your own EQ2 Bots, EQ2 Macros, and EQ2 Programs Easily!


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