EverQuest 2 EQ2 eXbot BuffBot
EverQuest 2 EQ2 eXbot BuffBot

eXbot is a buffbot built for Exhume+EQ2Extreme. I have tried to make this a FAST and SIMPLE but still very FLEXIBLE and POWERFUL buffbot! Options are quick and easy to toggle. Script is pretty 'lightweight' so should be fast even on older machines. Hardest part is getting it up and running the first time if you haven't run Exhume or EQ2Extreme ... after that, it's a piece of cake! Please give me your feedback and suggestions in the forums, and I would especially appreciate hearing how you have tweaked your set up to get the maximum effectiveness.

There is now an "eXbot Tips and Tweaks" topic ... please share your set up tips with everyone!!! (link is: http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/about54244_Discussion_eXbot_Setup_Tips_and_Tweaks.html )

Good adventuring!

'*** eXbot by LordBeowulf
'*** EQ2 BuffBot for Exhume+EQ2Extreme
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.21 / 2.22 / 2.23 (released 10/21/07)
'*** - Patched to be compatible with EQ2Extreme release 10/20/07
'*** - Cure Effects should be working again!
'*** - (2.22) fixed issue with loading player options
'*** - (2.23) Fixed "knockdown" bug that caused script to stop
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.20 (released 10/14/07)
'*** - Added CURE EFFECTS! (Trauma/Arcane/Nox/Elemental)
'*** - Options now saved for each player in eXoptions.ini
'*** - Added SendKeyDelay, HotKeyDelay and LoopDelay to options page
'*** - Added help file (eXbot-help.txt)
'*** - More *cough* fixing done for MyEmerHeal
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.10 (released 10/07/07)
'*** - Fixed MyEmerHeal loop problem (should trigger only once per fight now)
'*** - Added logic for Heal / Fight priority
'*** --> "Heal" priority will stay in heal cycle while any heals are needed
'*** --> "Fight" priority will only cycle 'heal' keys once per fight
'*** - Main window resized to better fit in windowed mode
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.03 10/07/07
'*** - Fixed debuff loop problems (yes again!)
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.01 - 2.02 10/06/07
'*** - Fixed the creation of eXoptions.ini file on first run if none exists
'*** - Fixed eXoptions.ini loading issues when variable is set to the number '0'
'*** - Fixed variables that should be integers being picked up as strings from initial load of .ini file
'*** - Fixed an integer conversion that prevented Debuff loop from triggering
'*** - Fixed healers not always having correct heal target
'*** UPDATE NOTES -v 2.00 (released 10/05/07)
'*** New features in 2.0 include:
'*** - Options are now SAVED (eXoptions.ini)
'*** - Added sound and key support to make it easier to play 'Full Screen' '***(yes, full screen, not just maximized)
'*** - [PAUSE] key now acts same as pressing Start/Pause button
'*** - Added logic to include heal checks for ALL group members, not just 'master'
'*** - Added ability to use multiple hot bars
'*** - Added logic for multiple heal levels
'*** - Added emergency pause option ... good for FD and Evac!
'*** - Added initial Autoattack loop
'*** - Added a timed debuff loop (also good for wards and long lasting dots)


Here is a direct link to the program.

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