EverQuest 2 EQ2 Hunting / Harvesting Bot
EverQuest 2 EQ2 Hunting / Harvesting Bot

EQ2Ultrabot is the number 1 botting program for all of EQ2. This program allows you to do everything. First and foremost its an amazing hunting bot. It allows you to easily kill all enimies that you need to. The second major function is it allows players to easily harvest in the game so you can nix that repetitive task. Finally it allows players to craft in the game with no help at all. This is the all in one botting program for every EQ2 Player. Enjoy! Here is the simple installation for the program as well.


1- Make sure you have the latest eq2extreme installed on your computer
2- Create a directory in your c drive c:\eq2ultrabot
3- Download the FILES.ZIP and extract it into the c:\eq2ultrabot
4- If you are using a custom UI then copy the files contained in the folder customUI into your own UI directory
5- If you dont have a custom UI then copy the folder customUI in ....\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II\UI\
and copy the file EQ2.ini in your Everquest II directory
6- in the folder c:\EQ2UltraBot, copy the file default.ini to a new file (ex:bob.ini), this will prevent
your INI file to be overwritten when you install a new version
7- open the file EQ2UltraBot.ini and change default.ini with the new name you choose in step 6 with the full path
8- Run the program ub-ini-editor.exe, it will open the ini file you specified in EQ2UltraBot.ini
9- Set you configuration, you can check the file default.ini to see the description of each variable you can set.
Remember that if you want to leave a string empty you need to put a ~
10- SAVE the file and close ub-ini-editor.exe
11- If you want to use waypoints you need to create a ini file for each zone you want to use waypoints in.
The name of the ini file is ZONENAME.ini (ex:The Sinking Sands.ini)
You can use the program UBMakePath.zip to help you create waypoints
I also included a file waypoints.ini to use as a template for waypoints
12- If you want to use waypoints for harvesting you need to create a ini file for each zone you want to harvest in.
The name of the ini file for harvesting is ZONENAME_harvest.ini (ex:The Sinking Sands_harvest.ini)
13- Download the eq2ultrabot.zip
14- Extract the eq2ultrabot.zip into a temporary directory
15- Run setup.exe in the folder you unzip eq2ultrabot, the program will also install .net framework 3.5 the first time
16- EQ2Ultrabot will start but will tell you Everquest is not started, just close the program
17- Start EQ2
18- Start EQ2Ultrabot from Windows Start Menu
19- Click on Start Bot and enjoy.
- NOTE: You can use your char INI file directly from eq2ultrabot 4.3 with no modification
If you have any questions or problems post it in http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/about51950_EQ_UltraBot_x_Exhume_Hunter_Buff_and_Harvest_bot.html



Here is a direct link to the program.

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