EQ2 Scripting Service EverQuest 2 Scripting Service
EQ2 Scripting Service EverQuest 2 Scripting Service

IF YOU NEED TINKERING, see this link for the modifications:

EQ2Crafter by WyvernX.

Updated 11/23/07 - for RoK.
Please if you modify this, send me your revisions!!!!!

Run the compiled EQ2Crafter.exe, or feel free to run EQ2Crafter.vbs project from the Exhume debugger.

Feel free to modify the sources, but please update the main thread so we can all benefit if you do!

LICENSE: This sourcecode is for TaultUnleashed members ONLY. It cannot be used in other projects not related to TaultUnleashed.

Anyway, feel free to give this a test.

PLEASE let me know things to make this more idiot proof than it is. I think everything is self explanitory, but I'll let you decide.

Short Instructions:
In EQ2, go to a crafting station. Place your counter buffs in hotkey's 1,2,3.

Launch Exhume and open project EQ2Crafter.vbs OR run EQ2Crafter.exe

Run it and go. You will need to sync your eq2 window (yes eq2 must be windowed) and you will need to train your buffs. But it saves everything so you wont need to do it again.

It helps to lock your eq2 crafting window so it wont accidently move.

--Crafting (DUH)
--Max Items to craft
--Spam Buffs (1-3)
--Delay for Spam buffs
--Move window and can resync without having to retrain!
--Change options while crafting

'Things ALMOST ready...
--Rest to Full Health v1.0
--Rest to Full Power v1.0
--After Item Creation Buff v1.0
--Multiple Item Lists to queue up things to make v1.0
--Sell to vendor v2.0
--Harvest Bot v3.0
--Hunting Bot v4.0



Here is a direct link to the program.

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