EQ2 Barbarian EverQuest 2 Barbarians
EQ2 Barbarian EverQuest 2 Barbarians

Everquest 2 barbarians are very tall and strong. They share lots of traits from humans but obviously they out perform them with their enormous strength. Being over 7 feet tall, they usually have long hair due to their cold winters where they are from. This long hair helped them survive their harsh winters.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Barbarian Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Cheat: Getting XP From Charmed Mobs - New Way!!!!

This is again for any class that can charm a mob! COERCERS!

Yes, Sony did Nerf this exploit. But not really.... I have a tactic that I tried out as I became frustrated when I realized that this was nerfed in LU24. Here it goes:

The old exploit explained that if you did a little damage to a mob and charmed it, you could send it into attack, let it get killed and you would get xp from your pet dieing, and then all you would have to do is charm the mob your pet died attacking. Then just repeat and re-use. Well... not anymore unfortunately, which I found disappointing, but that is not the case... I figured out a way to get the same amount of xp as before but its a little bit more complex than before.

1) Charm a mob (and make sure its not on auto follow)
2) Have your pet attack a mob that is even with it
3) Let both your pet and what you are attacking go at it until your pet's health bar is red and its almost dead.
4) Quickly root the thing you were attacking and release your pet....
5) Attack your former pet (that will be coming to attack you), and it should take 1 or 2 attacks to kill it since it is now in the red. ( this gives out 2-8% xp)
6) Now you have 2 options...
a) Charm the thing you were originally attacking with your pet,
wait for your power and health to regenerate and attack
another thing ..... Then follow these steps again;

b) finish off the thing you were attacking, get xp from that, and
then go charm a brand new pet and follow these steps again.
7)Rinse and Re-Use

This new tactic is a little tough to master, but practice it and it gets easy... also I suggest that you go after mobs that are 2 or less, otherwise you will die (at least from my own experience since I couldn't manage having a pet go after more than a mob of 2. Also I have been doing this all day without any armor on, and gained 2 levels in a matter of 3 hours.)

The XP gain is the same as described on the old exploit from this link:

Also if you have any questions, or need me to elaborate, send me a message or ask me to post more. Let me know!

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