EQ2 Bots EverQuest 2 Bots EQ2 Bot
EQ2 Bots EverQuest 2 Bots EQ2 Bot

Everquest 2 Bots are programs that will do simple tasks for you without you needing to be there. An example of an EQ2 Bots is a hunter bot which will hunt for you and earn experience with ease. Another example of an EQ2 bot is a harvester which will go and harvest a node for you. These bots will also attack back if you are harvesting and when done go right back to harvesting.

One of the most famous EQ2 Bots out to day is the Harvester Bot. This EverQuest 2 Bot allows a player to instantly harvest items with little or no effort needed at all. With this bot a player can then run their EQ2 Bot over night and in the morning come back to a large harvesting near completion.

Another famous EverQuest 2 Bot is the Crafting Bot by Wyvernx. With this bot your character will automatically craft for you. All you are required to do is input your fields of what to make, where items are located, and how much to make. Then you simply let the bot run itself and in turn you will be rewarded.

As it stands EQ2 Bots are something Sony does not actively scan for. So if you are using any type of EQ2 bots you are more than likely safe from detection. However still be careful when you use any EverQuest 2 Bots such as do not tell other players you are using one and keep your distance from populated areas as if a player reports you then you may be banned.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Bots Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Bot: UltraBot Version 1.0, Hunter and Buff Bot

New version,

Ok some stuff changed and read the following carefully.

First copy the file eq2ui_hud_choice.xml in your UI directory.
This mod make it so you can just hit ENTER to different choice window that appear, like loot lore item, resurrection etc.
Also you need to change the key for your chat, normally its ENTER and you need to change it to [
With that mod you dont need to bother with putting in coordinate for looting lore item window.

Second I add a new variable, LogOutWhenYouDie
If you want to log out when you die just put true, if not false
This will be use mainly when I implement the resurrection part.

Third I add some code so you can pause the script at more places (this was done in MegaBot 2.9, not release yet

I also fixed the bug about looting chest, now you will loot chest like you use to.

Thing to come:
- add resurrection
- add harvesting



I am starting this new thread for my script based on Rich Megabot.

This script is based on version 2.8 of Megabot with the following modification:

1- You can now set navigation point (up to 100) to move your bot. At each spot your bot will fight until there is no more mob then move to next location, you can also set a minimum timer to stay at the location even if there is no mob to fight.

2- Change the way the buffbot react to attack, if he is attacked he will ask the hunter bot to assist him.

3- If you ask the buff bot to not follow you he will stay there and come to help for the fight, then go back to his spot.

4- I included a modified version of make path to help you set your waypoint.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, it is not 100% full proof, so if you are starting to use a hunter bot i suggest to use Megabot for now. If you used Megabot in the past and would like to check out those new features go ahead!

Things I am implementing in next version:

a) Add harvesting. I want to set it up so you can choose to harvest while hunting or to harvest and defend yourself if attack.

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