EQ2 Cheats EverQuest 2 Cheats EQ2 Cheat
EQ2 Cheats EverQuest 2 Cheats EQ2 Cheat

Everquest 2 cheats are at Tault.com. An example of a good Cheat for EQ2 is one that will allow you to summon multiple critters out at once. While this cheat can be only done by a mage it is something still that over balances the game play for you. The EverQuest 2 cheat would be something like this.

What you would do is first find a highly populated area in the game. Once there you use your player to actually lag the game environment even more. After the surrounding area is lagged you open up a program such as autoit. Once autoit is open you make a simple macro that uses the spell for casting a monster.

While the game is still lagged you then turn around and you that macro you just created. If done right the game will spam the ability to cast that spell and even though the game shouldn't it will allow you to have out at once multiple types of the same pet. You then use this to your advantage by killing other players, npcs, or just random monsters. This cheat is just an example of EQ2 cheats that are in the world of EverQuest 2 that players have not even found out yet.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Exploits Cheat From The Past

Play EverQuest 2 For Free

This is a bug I hope you don't have, because I would love free membership.
It is very similar to the EQ1 account billing bug I found (now partially nerfed).

What you do is this:

1) Try to log on to an inactive account, and go to the subscription page.

2) Choose Credit Card as your billing method.

3) Choose the Station Access one (the one that says $20ish/month).

4) Continue on to the point where you enter billing information. At this point you want to enter an invalid credit card number. Or one that is expired or canceled.

For the expiration date, enter 03/06 (or something which has passed).
You can even enter a fake address if you'd like.

5) Hit the button to move on, and the page should return that "Your card was declined, but for system reasons." or something similar to that.

Congratulations, it worked! Hit the X at the top of the window, and magically it logs you in. Your account will work for about 5 days until you are forced to do this again.

Now.. *prays for special access*.

[Edit: In response to the posts:

I have used this on a warlock of mine on Nagafen numerous times and no one caught on. No one caught on to me doing it on EQ1 until SOE was aware of it and nerfed it.

But use at your own risk.

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