EQ2 Dark Elves EverQuest 2 Dark Elf
EQ2 Dark Elves EverQuest 2 Dark Elf

Everquest 2 Dark elves are one of the oldest the elven races. They are one of the three oldest races in Norrath. Known to the other elves as the Teir’Dal they were created by Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate and are his children. Dark Elves believe themselves to be greater than all the other races. They only work with other races to manipulate them for their will.

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In order to understand what Im going to explain here, you should already be familiar with the /alias command as explained in a separate post. They work well in tandem, and can be used together to build a fairly complex and legal in-game macro system.

the syntax: /do_file_commands [path to file]

create a new file. On each line, put a separate command, just as you would in game, with 1 exception: do NOT put a '/' at the beginning of the command. So "/gu hello" becomes simply "gu hello". You may use up to 16 commands per file. Save it- file format nor location matters, so long as you can remember them. For simplicity, I save them as *.txt files, and drop them directly in my root folder (so, for example, the path would be C:/test.txt). You can now execute them right away from in game using the afore mentioned command (/do_file_commands C:/test.txt).

Now, lets make things a little more complex. I mentioned in the aliases thread that aliases dont persist across sessions. But we can circumvent this by loading them from a file. We can assign that one file to a hot key in game, use aliases to adress other files. OK, so:

1: in-game, create a macro. 1 liner: /do_file_commands c:/aliases.txt
2: now we need to create that file. Open a new file in your text editor, and each line create an alias, up to a max of 16. Each alias will, in turn, execute a file where the meat of our marcos will reside. So, for example:
alias <:do_file_commands c:/one.txt
alias >:do_file_commands c:/two.txt
alias ?:do_file_commands c:/three.txt
alias z:do_file_commands c:/four.txt
alias x:do_file_commands c:/five.txt

etc etc. Save it as c:/aliases.txt.

3: for each of the aliases you set up, create a file (again, max of 16 commands) with the actual macro you want to run. I'll post more on getting the most out of using '/' commands (as opposed to mouse clicking, which I personally hate). But, for the sake of discussion, lets make a little harvest macro:
useablility Foresting
useability Gathering
useability Mining
useability Trapping
useability Fishing
useability Collecting

save the file as c:/one.txt
This counts as one of your 16 available macros. If 16 isn't enough, go back to step one, and repeat using a separate set of files.
4: Now, based on the above example, you could hit your hotkey you've linked to the in-game macro (the one that executes /do_file_commands c:/aliases.txt) when you first log on (only has to be done once- you can switch characters without having to reload aliases), and then all you have to do is get next to a node and hit /< to harvest it (all incorrect commands will fail until it gets to one it can do).
Be creative. command files can be loaded from each other, but the 16 commands limit still holds true. So 15 commands, followed by a 16th that loads another set won't allow you to execute 32 commands in a row (but can you think of 32 commands, without any pauses, you would want or be able to load anyhow?) Also, save yourself the headache of trying to create a recursive loop- it will instantly lock up the client. So creating 2 files, the first that does something and then loads the second file, which does something else and then loads the first file, will simply force you to do a hard reset to your computer.

But use at your own risk.

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