EQ2 Dwarves EverQuest 2 Dwarf
EQ2 Dwarves EverQuest 2 Dwarf

Everquest 2 Dwarves, they are small and stout but are very strong for their stature. They are only 4 feet tall, and their weight often exceeds what people can see. The dwarves have great pride in their hair and often have ancient styles worn by their ancestors. Even the females have light beards. The dwarves beards are often seen as a sign of respect.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Dwarves Cheat From The Past

EQ2: Buy supplies WHILE you craft! (Macro Trick)

This could be useful for future macroing. (submitted elsewhere about a week ago as well but wanted to be sure i got it to here once they gave me access).

Go to the merchant in Tradeskill instance. start vendor mode as usual. Hug the wall into the crafting area all the way to the crafting section. From
there, you can move down the wall to at least the second set of workstations, and you can use both the jewelry and alchemy stations while
accessing the vendor. Set up shop, set it up to buy anything you need in whatever quantity, clear out your inventory of everything but sellable
materials. Right now it will work with tier 2 stuff from the vendor, as you can buy the sub ingredients off merchant.

Now you set the macro up as follows. Buy 20 candles/coal (however you would do it this is an example) Buy 20 resins/washes/whatever main ingredient calls for (mine would be lead/tin whatever is on the merchant) Buy 20 water / whatever the other component is. Scroll that window back up to top (so window resets for next round of buying). Do the round of crafting Sell EVERYTHING in inventory back. End macro.

Rinse and repeat. The buying while crafting part is the basis of what im telling you though, i craft for hours without moving just restocking as i need it.

Perhaps someone could clarify it a bit, but that's basically it.

You can buy and sell as long as you update the window by selling or buying before you switch tab

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