EQ2 Erudites EverQuest 2 Erudite
EQ2 Erudites EverQuest 2 Erudite

Everquest 2 Erudites are closely related to the humans and have many of their features. They often stride for knowledge and intellect. With this path, they often share the same path as a human. However, the erudites have shifted away from their human life’s and have almost mastered the arcane arts. Their new features include their eyes glowing and their skin tone a slight grey.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Erudites Cheat From The Past

T5 Alchemy Money Maker [Nerfed]

All of the potion/poison components (using turnip/peppertree etc) seem to be selling back to the NPC at 64s. They take one raw, water (6c) and fuel (9s22c). These raws are often cheap so just make em in bulk in crude quality and make a 50s profit on each one.

Get in on this quick... did some more sums and it could be a bigger money maker than the ink as long as you can find the resources:

Per combine: 64s - 9.22s -0.06s = 54.72s profit.

Per stack: 10g94s40c raw profit - cost of resources.

If you pay 20s per resource that is 4g a stack so you still make about a 7g profit per stack. Sounds less than the ink right? But this is just one crude combine as opposed to 5 combines per ink, and I can get a stack of these done in about 5 mins. So in an hour, assuming 10 mins for buying resource, running to/from vendor etc I can still make 10 stacks for a 70g-1.1plat profit (depending on cost of resources). Also if you are only tier 4 you can still do this for 1/4 the profit, so you can clear 20-25g an hr doing this.

Use it as long as it lasts since it WILL get nerfed very soon.

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