EQ2 Exploits EverQuest 2 Exploit
EQ2 Exploits EverQuest 2 Exploit

EverQuest 2 exploits are the most abundant resource at Tault.com. A great example of one of their EQ2 exploits is the one where a player could harvest nodes that they could skill up from.

This exploit first of all required players to go to Nektulos on their map. Once they arrive there they have to go and search for the stones in the area. After finding the stones you need to do what you would normally do to harvest it. You first click on the stone then double click on it again.

After a stone has been acted on to be used a player would receive an error message. This error message would say their skill is actually to low. A normally player would then walk away from the stone and leave the area. However it would not be an EQ2 Exploit if it didn't have a twist to it.

Now the trick is not explained here as its something for only premium members. However needless to say there are many EverQuest 2 Exploits just like this one available to the members of TaultUnleashed. If you are an avid player for EQ2 and want that extra edge, well then EverQuest 2 Exploits are just the right thing for you.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Bots Cheat From The Past

EQ2: MacrossUI - Custom bot-friendly UI for EQ2

* IMPORTANT: eq2.ini must be updated to work with this revision!!

* Remade MacrossUI and switched version to 2.0

* Removed unnecessary files from distribution

* Moved recipe window to upper-left corner and made it non-movable. If you can move the window, the UI IS NOT INSTALLED properly!

*Due to popular request, made the color keys small bars along the top - you can now see the individual icons.

*Remade icons to work with the new version of Macross TS (or... was that the other way around?)

UPDATE 19 Feb, 2005:
*Added coloration to the Begin button to indicate when it is out of ingredients

*Possible miss-coloration with Build components - please check here to see if any bugs are already posted, then post them.

UPDATE 5 Feb, 2005:
*Modified UI data to automatically set Tradeskill window to 0,0

*Changed 'Begin' button to use the same color scheme as the Repeat button

*Now, to properly set the location for the tradeskills window, simply Right+click on it, choose Window Options, and reset window location.

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