EQ2 Gnomes EverQuest 2 Gnome
EQ2 Gnomes EverQuest 2 Gnome

Everquest 2 Gnomes are the smallest of all the races. A typical gnome is usually 3 feet tall and very slim. Most gnomes have facial features that are almost hard to believe. The gnomes are a very social race and are often easily accepted into a group.

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EQ2: Guide to a ranger in 8 easy steps ---REVISED---

Step one -Making Your Character-

This is a very simple step in the process. Basically make a character! The best choices for a ranger in my opinion would be a Wood Elf or Half Elf they both have fairly high stamina and agility. Choose an appearance. Then a character name. And then a server. If your no don't skip tutorial it has great information if your starting off on Everquest2.

Step two 1-8 on -Isles of Refuge and Citizenship-

So here you are, you've made your character. Go to the guy to make your selection and choose scout. Grab your weapons and start doing the quests on the top right quest journal on your interface if its in its default position. Once you get to the Orc quest, he is located west of the Tree house. You might need at least 3-6 people. You will defiantly need a fighter and a priest, but a mage would be good help too. Kill the spark caster first. When your finished with those three you'll get a few more including the Orc. Kill the Witch Doctor first. Once your done with this you may want to stick around to get good items for your level or your xp to 220% so when you gain citizenship your automatically level 8, this will help A LOT! Once your in your city and you get your citizenship task, complete it by going to the zones you need to go to and gathering the tokens. Once done you will need to go through a trial. Kill the first Freeport guard. Go to the first girl on the right and make an exception for her because she is sorry. Go to the second guy and don't let him bribe you. Go to the third one and tell her that you weren't even talking about the Iron forge Estate ( You weren't! ).
You should be done and gain to level 8 if you got 220%

Step three 1-10 -Antonica and Subclass-

Head on over to Antonica. Go to the farms until you level to level 9. Now on to your subclass. You should finish the steps ( Easily ) and once your done choose Predator. Go to 791,-29 in the Qeynos Docks. Go in and when you get to the stairs go left. Kill the mob and congratulations your a predator. If you didn't level you will need to level to 10 and you will automatically become a predator.

Step four 10-15 -The Forest Ruins-

The Forgotten Ruins is located off of "The Baubleshire" and "The Willow Wood". This is a lowbie zone for characters 6-15 and maybe 16. Once in follow the path to the castle its located at 1016,-631. Double click the doors and go inside. There should be a few Forgotten Guardians wandering around. DONT GO ABOVE THE STAIRS! For now....

Kill Forgotten Guardians until you level 11 and THEN head up the stairs and kill those. Do this until level 12 ( Wont take long at all ). If you want to get a lot of xp kill the skeletons inside the buildings. They come in groups of 3-6 but are very easy. Once you level 13 repeat this step until 14. Then head deeper into the fountain and start killing EVERYTHING in the castle until you level 15.

Step five 15-17 -Blackburrow-

To get there the loc is -1480,880 or get on a griffin and fly to the Steppes Station. Once off go in the direction of the scarecrow field and keep going. Avoid the gnolls or monsters that will aggro you. Pass the waterfall and keep going until you reach an entrance to a kind of cave-like structure. Go in and try and get a group killing Gnolls in the deeper part of Blackburrow. When you can get it try and get into the two main rooms in the end of the tunnels. Sometimes ( Very Rarely ) a key will drop unlocking a very nice set of armor or weapon for you. I got a Kodiak Hide Curios. You should continue this until you level about 17 or maybe 18's if your patient. ( Sorry I cant get more in depth about these levels but hey this is a free guide so dont complain )

Step six 17- 19 -Rot stuffed Scarecrows in Antonica-

The loc is -1986,677 or go back to Steppes Station and you should pass a big scarecrow field with scarecrows in it called rotstuffed scarecrows. Get a group of at least 1 fighter and one priest. Kill the crows until 19 ( Now it gets fun! )

Step seven -Sub classing to a ranger-

At Qeynos docks Arrell Silvertongue
928,53 a hafling will instruct you to go to the bottom of the falls in Blackburrow **See "BlackBurrow" above** and see the spy. Once your quest journal is updated go back to Arrel Silvertongue 928,53 in the Qeynos Docks and he will instruct you to go to South Qeynos. Follow the left wall if your zoning in from Antonica behind the houses, the zone is called "Secret Meeting Place". You will need Hunt Apprentice 3 or up to get past these guards. Go into the door with the two guards blocking it, turn left go down the stairs. Follow the wall. Kill the two negotiators and your done!

Step Eight 20 -Back to Scarecrow Fields-

**See -Rotstuffed Scarecrows in Antonica- above for location**
Go back to the Rotstuffed Scarecrow Fields and level from 19 to 20 with the same steps.

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