EQ2 Guides EverQuest 2 Guides EQ2 Guide
EQ2 Guides EverQuest 2 Guides EQ2 Guide

A Guide is EverQuest is just as simple as it sounds. A tutorial of how to do a certain action. These EQ2 Guides can vary greatly from what you do. A EQ2 guide on how to do a certain quest in the game for a special reward. An EverQuest 2 guide on how to become the strongest character for your class on pvm. An example would be a quest on how to become an ranger in game the easiest way possible for you.

The way a player would do this is they first need to know what race to pick. Based on the EQ2 guides given it shows that you should play as a wood elf or a half elf. This is mainly because of their special abilities. Both of them have a high stamina for their starting class, as well as they have special agility.

Following the rest of the EverQuest 2 guides it will show you where to first go and hunt to level up. Then after that it shows the best skills you should obtain while player the game. If followed correctly with the step by step instructions a player would easily reach the ability to be a true ranger in the game with little or no work. And that is just from following a simple EQ2 guide shown to you.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Guides Cheat From The Past

Awesome Gold Profits [NERFED]

Bloodstone (tier 5 mineral) sells on my server for 50cp-1silver each, what i found out is you can make the level 1 Fossil Temper using Bloodstones, total cost to make is around 12cp. You can then sell them back for 6sp each, 20 Bloodstones = 1.2 gp .

No No, he means the MERCHANT buys them back for 6s 69c. That's some pretty mad profit. I sat down there and made nothing by crudes and sold them all back for 6s 69c. If you buy 20 bloodstone for 1s20c ea, then candles and aerated water you invested 26s. The merchant will buy back them back for a total of 133s80c, a nice 1g7s profit for 5 mins of work. Grab it now before it gets nerfed or bloodstone prices shoot up to 8s.

Ok, this is the deal. You make Fossil Temper BUT Be sure to make crude only! Crude does sell for well over 6s but the others do not =) Great exploit!

Update, this WORKS with diamondine as well for fossil tempers (there's ya one more market to corner B). Does NOT work trying to make chloro oil with T5 roots though, so this is definitely a bug that SOE will be fixing soon.

That's all you're making in a 2 hour period? I took my profits and bought 3 teak strongboxes, and three 12 slot bags so that I'm not completely overburdened. Altogether I have 108 slots on my char when I begin crafting, subtract 2 since you will need them for the finished product (sometimes makes shaped instead of crude otherwise you would only need 1 slot). Divide that by 3 (since it requires 3 items to craft) you can make 35 stacks which should yield around 42G profit. You should be able to make them all within two hours, then hit the broker and stock up again. Think about it, the guys selling the raw material think they are making a killing, since they put 3 stacks up for sale at 1.2s and they all sale in .5 seconds .... little do they know. Wonder how long it will take them to figure out the same guy is buying it everytime... haha.

I tested this on my server and made 67 silver with one stack--mostly because I couldn't find the bloodstone or diamondine for less than 1 silver. It isn't so bad-- 67 * 10 stacks is almost 7 gold.

It was strange to see that I got more money from CRUDE fossil temper than from shaped, etc.

Remember though, you make the same amount since say shaped comes with two per craft... But crude is faster and less space consuming.

fulginate also works

to my knowledge this is the only 'use tier5 raw materials in place of tier 1' that works. chloro wont accept the tier5 roots/wood, same with elm lumber/paperite paper.

and yes, Fulginate WORKS. just cornered the market of 48 stacks (960 total) at LESS than 1sp a piece *hugs 6 teak strongboxes*. 6sp profit a piece (give or take), and Extremecrafting works VERY nicely, only thing is that it skips from time to time. no worries there tho.

clear out ANY OTHER fossil temper you've got on you, the LOWEST PRICE takes priority when you sell it to the wholesaler. also, make sure you dont have any tin/turquoise/lead on you, just diamondine/bloodstone/fulginate.

confirmed with all 3 (fulginate, diamondine, and bloodstone), STILL WORKS

Well, I had a revelation today. I went to Merchant Rabbleson in Qeynos harbor and bought a simple chemistry table for 1 gold and some status points. Those tables are available if your guild is 5 and this table only makes crude (solves 2 things with one--being bothered by others while crafting and making crude).

I'd highly recommend getting your own table, since most stories of being banned via macroing begin with "Someon in the tradeskill room tried to talk to me then a GM contacted me. . ." and there goes the ban.

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