EQ2 Guilds EverQuest 2 Guilds
EQ2 Guilds EverQuest 2 Guilds

Everquest 2 guilds are the structure of building a new friendship across many people. EQ2 guilds bring together multiple people to either accomplish new content in the game or just have fun with. Tault.com has its own guild full of people that are always working together to accomplish new things and have fun in and out of the game.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Guild Guide Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Guide: EXP - 50 - 60 in 10 days. Repeatable Quests

This is not an exploit, however most of the other quests that give this easy exp have been nerfed.

I went from level 52 to 60 in a week, playing about 3-4 hrs a night.

In maj'dul, there is a quest giver named Aquim. He gives 3 quests. One is called 'The Afterlife'

The afterlife gives you random undead in Sinking Sands. The mobs are mostly wandering, rare mobs, except ghouls. Delete the quest and take it again until you get ghouls, and your off.

Exit the zone on carpet, run to your right, climb the wall, run 300 meteres and you find a camp of fast spawning ghouls.

Most are arrow down level 49, so most level 50s can kill them.
Return back to majdul, and talk to aquim, and get 2-3% exp from 50-53, 1.5 from 54-56 and between 1 and 1.5% till 59, and only 1 percent at 60.

This takes running, with sow (buy a totem) about 13 minutes a trip. With evac, every other trip you do it in 7 minutes, averaging 10 minutes a trip. Finish the call of ro quest first, throw that in once an hour, its about 8 minutes a trip, (If you zone fast:)

This breaks down to 12% in under an hour until around level 58, and then unfortunately its about 10% in the last two levels.

If you mix this in with Tears Grifters Quests, right near Aquim, you can boost your exp gain even further.

Directions to aquim:
Enter Majdul. Climb Stairs. Cross Bridge. Take a left. Follow wall, past the gamblers, to the poor beggar at the stairs on the left. Go down stairs. Go left. Go down again. Ahead of you is a gray building with blue trim (stone). It is the truth building I believe. Follow it around the left side, and you see Aquim.

Happy Hunting, cya at 60.

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