EQ2 Hacks EverQuest 2 Hacks EQ2 Hack
EQ2 Hacks EverQuest 2 Hacks EQ2 Hack

EQ2 Hacks allow players to alter the files within EQ2 for an outcome that is not intended by the original developers of the game. A player using EverQuest Hacks can now do things that they where never suppose to do originally when playing the game. Some of the things hacks can do are invincibility, look at items that are not available to the public, or travel to places that players are not suppose to be able to travel to. One of the most famous EQ2 hacks is the radar hack for EQ2.

The radar hack is just as you might be thinking. Its a hack for a radar in EverQuest 2. With this radar hack you simply run a program that inputs itself into the game. After the program is working inside of the game the real EQ2 Hack begins. First of all players now have the ability to see npcs, pks, and monsters from great distances. This is helpful for just reaching certain special spawns in the game before anyone else does.

The second amazing EverQuest 2 hack that comes from this is the ability to see hidden players. Now in games some players have cloaks whether they are just original players in the game or maybe the have gms and mods in the game. With a good EQ2 radar you can now actually view wherever they players are hiding in the game and use it to your advantage. Whether it is for PVP or knowing if mods are around or not to help you do certain exploits, a EQ2 hack like this is very helpful.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Hacks Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Program: Trader

Welcome all you amd peeps.

'Temporary Radar
'Created by jabst192
'Props : wyvernx for the original harvester
'SB for the better navigation
'the letter Q

'Version .0004

'new stuff
'fixed a bug last night before i went to bed, this morning can't remember what it was, but it's fixed
'will add auto way pointing in the near future
'removed pulling stuff from other zones
'Rounded distances
'Added a max searchable distance, play with it as you choose.

'The purpose of writing this is to provide limited radar capabilities to the and folks until such a time as the radar wyvern wrote is functional
'I am not intending on replacing his work, as a matter of fact you will notice that most of this code is hijacked from his harvest bot.
'bear in mind i threw this together in 4 hours so no bitchin

'Boolbydistance is whether or not you want to the radar to tell you the thing closest to you on your list
'True = closest to you on your list
'False = priority order like eq2harvest

Dim boolbydistance
boolByDistance = false

'Much Much More Development on this to come
'Feel free to PM me any ideas you have for features

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