EQ2 Half Elves EverQuest 2 Half Elf
EQ2 Half Elves EverQuest 2 Half Elf

Everquest 2 Half elves are the breed from a human and any three ancient elven races. They resemble a human in some forms but have the elven facial structure. These features make the Half elves considered to be the most beautiful of the races on Norrath. The half elves are rebellious and often have bizarre styles to reflect this.

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EQ2: Easy money-mid to high 30s

This may be known already, but if it is haven't seen it in use too much and its one of my new favorite past times...farming the Swine Lord in Nek Castle. Requirements-a fast zoner, a char under lvl 37, a char over 38.

Nek Castle has a lockout timer of two hours to anyone under level 38, after level 38 there is unlimited access unless you start killing sisters, in which case the 18 hour lock out goes into effect. Using this ability of the over 38 character, it is possible to zone in and out of Nek Castle until an instance is created where the swine lord is up. Use mentoring to achieve a group state where the swine lord will con to the party and drop his goodies. Use the fast zoner to zip in and out creating as many instances as possible. Have everyone else wait on the path just at the exit to gargoye gorge (where the named gargoyle spawns). When the zoner finds the swine lord up everyone else zones into the castle instance where there is already a part member and a waiting swine lord (group chat).


Over the past 3 days I have found we can get an instance with the swine lord up in about 1 of 8 zones, or roughly every 10 minutes. Doing this my group of 3 (35 Inquis, 38 wiz, and 40 SK mentoring the 38 wiz) have killed the swine lord about 75 times, acquiring 3 master chests, 7 big rare chests, and his normal chest drops. The masters and rares have T5 rares, master spells, and excellent early t5 loot. Adapt book drops all classes and levels 32 to 49. Regular loot (unholy tablet, swine lord battle ax, pewter bracelet and ruby studded bracers) all sell to an NPC vendor for about 3.2 gp each.


You can expect about 12-15 pieces of loot per hour using the 6 SL/hour figure, or about 24 gp/hr if sold to vendor (note I'm not counting Adapt books in this gp/hr calculation, as broker prices vary) or 6-8 gp/hr depending on party size (personally I take no more than 4 ppl adn no less than 3, is it doable? maybe with a 37 and mentoring to a 37, but Swine Lord is a 32^^ Named, so i find 3-4 to be a quick efficient easy kill and EASY MONEY)

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