EQ2 Halflings EverQuest 2 Halfling
EQ2 Halflings EverQuest 2 Halfling

Everquest 2 Halflings are very pudgy and are the second shortest of the races. Some view them as imbeciles and are seen as the easy target. They are quiet nimble despite their features and many people mistake them for being a human children. After a closer look they can be seen with their hair on their face and their bare feet. Halflings are typically happy people and like to drink ale.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Halflings Cheat From The Past

[Pending] Arena bug

There is a bug that allows you to instantly get out of the safe area after a death instead of waiting for the revived sickness to fade. You need to pick Spectral Assassin as your class, then when you die use your call of unseen ability. It will get rid of the stealthed rez effects that prevent you from leaving the safe area and let you leave.

edit: any word on this? Theirs some issues with the other bugs "not working" for some people i guess, but this one for sure works. Been doing it for the past week or so. Non visual bugs are always a pain to know whether or not they actually work, this ones a much simpler one that is easy to do and to test.

Edit2: This is an ability yes but you're not supposed to be able to get rid of the rez effects right when you die you're supposed to be required to sit out for the duration of the effect. No other class you pick can cast or get rid of the rez effects except for a spectral assassin so it's defiantly a bug. I think the reason it bugs is because it's an invis and the rez effects have an invis component so they may be screwing with each other somehow.

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