EQ2 Hints and Tips EverQuest 2 Hint and Tip
EQ2 Hints and Tips EverQuest 2 Hint and Tip

EQ2 Hints and Tips are otherwise known as easy to use legal exploits. TaultUnleashed has many of these EverQuest 2 Hints and tips. A great example of an EQ2 hint and tip is how to do sabotage quests.

The EQ2 Hint and tip is actually done not before or after the quests but exactly while you are doing them. The EverQuest 2 hint and tip starts out by you going to a selected town and finding a certain NPC. Once you find him you then speak to the located NPC. After speaking to him you open up a quest window that will pop up.

Once the window comes up you do not close it at all. Instead you actually walk as far away from the window as you can. Once you are as far away as you can be witht he window closing you take the window and move it. You grab the window and move it all the way to the side of the screen where it is barely visable.

That is where we stop on telling you more about this EQ2 hint and tip. If you want some free ones as well as the ability to view more information than you can image you need to go and visit TaultUnleashed.com

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