EQ2 Humans EverQuest 2 Human
EQ2 Humans EverQuest 2 Human

Everquest humans are the more diverse race of any. They have physical abilities but still value their knowledge. They can be of the niceness classes or the cruelest but have risen to the standards of other races. The cities of Qeynnos and Freeport are two cities that show this and stand as a beacon for the human race.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Humans Cheat From The Past

EQ2: Sell back goods for $

My exploit involves selling back crafted goods to NPCs for a profit.

As a craftsman, when you make maple lumber, you get 2 Maple Scraps as a by product. Each of these scraps can be turned into 3 Turned Maple Lumber pieces in a simple combine and each of these sell for 1 silver each. So from one piece of raw maple and one tuber (for the stroma resin), you can get 6 silver and a piece of maple lumber. The lumber itself sells for 50c, so I have been selling that as well as holding on to a few stacks of the pristine stuff for making strong boxes and other furniture.

You can also use this Turned Maple Lumber to make totems which sell for 5 silver each. This is also an incredible return on investment but involves a more complicated combine with burlap. I have mostly been sticking with selling the Turned Maple Lumber since that is quite a bit faster.

I also use a trade skilling macro which I would be willing to submit if you are interested. I have not seen many macro programs that work with EQ2, but I have been using AC Tool handles all the basic scripting things. My macro checks the space where your crafting events happen - if it is not black, it presses the reaction keys. Pretty straightforward, but very effective on the simple combines. For harder combines where I need pristine items, I set my macro to press all 3 reactions each crafting cycle. This will drain your power after one combine but it is very effective at creating pristine items even on difficult recipes. My macro then checks to make sure my power is back to full before restarting the next recipe.

My day job is as a professional programmer (10 years experience) and I would be more than happy to help out with some other macro programs as needed.

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