EQ2 Iksars EverQuest 2 Iksar
EQ2 Iksars EverQuest 2 Iksar

Everquest 2 Iksar are the most ugliest of the races perhaps. They have tall, broad scale forms and powerful tails. Their skin is covered with scales that protect them as if they were wearing mail. Their scale mouth opens up to sharp teeth and their teeth are seen as fiendish. The iksar are always dressed for battle but are often wearing dark armor to not be seen in the night.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Iksar Cheat From The Past

EQ2: AMAZING tactic/exploit

Ok... I figured this one out solo, yet I'm certain others do something nearly identical. I'm going to break it down into steps, but first I will tell you what the rewards are:
a.) Skillbooks! (ALL are of Adept I OR Master I rank for all classes. The skill books, however, will have a maximum mastery of below 100; thus, the skills are for all classes below lv. 20 and they include ALL manner and varieties of skills).
b.) Tier 1 and 2 rare raw material drops (primarily tier 2). I've gotten about 8 forms of raw coral (be it chipped coral or raw coral itself) along with approximately 30 Blackened iron raw-like items (such as a broken blackened iron anklet) within a night's time.

Now, the steps in order to easily reap these rewards:
2.) Simply kill the 4 groups of union member 858's located in Thieves Way, the Freeport sewer system (note, the union members MUST pose a threat to your character in order for them to drop a chest).

Finally, here is the best methods to complete the steps:
I.) I suggest leveling your character to lv. 10, then right clicking on his xp gauge and selecting "Disable Combat XP" - This will permit all of the lv. 7 and lvl 8 groups of union members to still pose a threat, your character has the benefit of being his first chosen profession (which really helps with soloing these groups), and you needn't worry about leveling to 11 with combat xp disabled.
II.) Here's the actual exploit... I'm not too certain, but every group of union members guarantees a chest drop; with a high chance of getting an adept I skill, various type of raw material, etc, and ALWAYS contains a junk item such as sackcloth boots, sewage etched long sword, or Choggle's Toolbox (while the toolbox is a quest starter, that makes only the first one worth looting... however, the other junk items are all worth 1s24c to sell to a merchant such as one located in your crafting society, and less to many other merchants... this cash can buildup quite a bit and help provide equipment for your character early on).

Hope this helps!! (Could use points if anyone is impressed, plus, if my method is VERY IMPRESSIVE, would really appreciate free membership to alleviate having to pay for access).

Guys, enjoy this, coz I sure have =)

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