EQ2 Kerras EverQuest 2 Kerra
EQ2 Kerras EverQuest 2 Kerra

Everquest 2 Kerra take their features from felines. With their bodies covered in fur, their patterns show which type of cat their come from. They are very tall and powerful with amazing speed because of their tail. With their feline features they have teeth that can tear apart anything. The Kerra have a shamanistic culture that shows in their beads, jewelry and from their ceremonies.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Kerra Cheat From The Past

Exploit for getting Multiple sabotage quests at once.  

When talking to the quest giver for the sabotage quests ( there is one in common lands and one in antonica) and the box for the quest pops up, instead of accepting the quest, drag the box over to the side of your screen and talk to him again.
Talking to him again will cause another quest box to pop up, continue this process till you have all the available quests and accept them all at once.

Doing this will save you hours of time from having to do each quest separately and is a quick way to get loads of fast exp at any level.

This possibly might work for other quest giver Npc's but as of now I only have it confirmed with the Sabotage quest givers.

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