EQ2 Macros EverQuest 2 Macros EQ2 Macro
EQ2 Macros EverQuest 2 Macros EQ2 Macro

EQ2 Macros allow players do things in a damn that would normally require vast amounts of tedious work. EverQuest 2 macros are run by programs that simulate the key and mouse movements normally done by a player. Some examples of this are the following.

A harvesting bot is just one example. With a harvesting bot the player will automatically runa round to areas on the map to harvest. Not this EQ2 Macro is not as advanced as a bot but in the short amount of a few hours a player can successfully set up a macro that will fully automate the harvesting needed to become profitable over night.

Another great example is a fighting Everquest 2 Macro. A macro like this will auto hunt for you but it is very simple in nature. It will scan the area and fight the first creature it can find. Once it fights for x amount of time it will auto heal you. Now this is as advanced as a EQ2 bot but normally if you hunt in an area where the mobs are not as strong as they normally are to you, then you can still make this very profitable.

Some EQ2 macros even come with GM tell detection. What this means is if a GM manages to /tell you to check and see if you are a bot or not a loud noise will be played. This noise then will allow you to easily notice the sound and return to your computer to make sure the gm will not ban you account.

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