EQ2 Mages EverQuest 2 Mage
EQ2 Mages EverQuest 2 Mage

Everquest 2 mages use magic to take down their opponents with the elements. Mages often study new spells and scrolls to gain new spells and knowledge. Mages usually are behind the battles casting away on enemies. Even some mages have gained the ability to summon other beings to help them fight.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Mage Cheat From The Past

EQ2: Free Horse Ride Exploit

Yes sounds good don't it! Well this is what happens when your completely off your face and just running around Qeynos..
This 'exploit' will let you ride a horse for 12 hours however you cannot use the griffins...

Here's what you do:
Firstly you must have enough cash to actually legitimately purchase a horse from the South Qeynos Stable Hand (Or the Freeport one). As you all know, if you purchase an item from a merchant and do not close the merchant window, you can sell back for EXACTLY the same amount you paid for it..

Buy the horse that you want to use but :::DO NOT::: close the merchant window.. Equip the horse whistle and use it to summon a horse..

When you are atop of the horse, unequip the whistle and sell back to the Stable hand for the same amount of money you paid for it and Tada! You have yourself a free horse...

HOWEVER, do not do this with the guild horses (The ones that require cash AND Status points), as your Status Points will not be refunded by the merchant..

Hope this is decent enough to get Access :)


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