EQ2 Map EverQuest 2 Map EQ2 Maps
EQ2 Map EverQuest 2 Map EQ2 Maps

EQ2 Maps at TaultUnleashed gives you a map to replace your old and busted one that comes with the game. Some of the many features that come with this Map are the following.

-Added user made maps for all Free and Qeynos beginner zones. As well the dungeons have been almost fully mapped out. Furthermore the beginning first 2 sewers for each major city are done as well.

-Points of interest have been added in the EverQuest 2 maps. This gives you the overlays for major areas such as; Antonica, The common lands, Nektulos Forest, and Thundering Steppes.

-There is a special minimize button that will shrink the map to a title bar to keep it out of the way. This way you can only use it when you need it and not be forced to have a clunky map in the way.

-If you hit the esc button it wont clock the EverQuest 2 map at all. The only way to close the EQ2 map is to use the special hot key assigned to it in order for it to work properly.

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