EQ2 Ogres EverQuest 2 Ogre
EQ2 Ogres EverQuest 2 Ogre

Everquest 2 ogres are the strongest of all races. Their fat and muscular bodies are covered in skin that is shown from all their battles. Their heads are often bald and have strong skulls that protect them better than a helmet. The ogres mouth can have tusks up to 5 inches long. Their parts are often seen grasping small objects and being destroyed.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Ogres Cheat From The Past

Little eq2 Freeport exploit.

In north freeport is where you start the access quest for fallen gate. It is necessary you start this quest. www.allakhazam.com
Once the quest is started he asks you go speak with some npc in common lands he's right outside of fallen gate, take the freeport station to neriak griffon tower. Once you get off run through the maze and to fallen gate. Right outside the fallen gate zone is the dark elf you need to speak with speak with him. He'll tell you to kill 5 Sand Gaints (SG's) once you kill the 5 SG's you need to talk to the darkelf outside of FG. He'll tell you to go back and speak with the Dark Elf in North Free port who gave you the quest...

Once you talk with him he'll send you in a private zone with you and who ever is in your group. The quest tells you to kill the guy upstairs and all his guards. But instead don't kill him don't even go near him go downstairs and kill the mage in the back room and his minions 90% of the time they drop a nice neckpeice that isn't no drop. You can farm this item and gain lvls off it till your about 19. And every time you get get a fresh zone. You start in the zone and there is a door behind you, make sure you use it when you leave. =) GL, Happy Farming.

This is a major exploit for EXP and the necklace sells for about 16 silver to merchants and about 50 silver to players.

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