EQ2 Priest EverQuest 2 Priests
EQ2 Priest EverQuest 2 Priests

Everquest 2 Priest is a vital role in any group. Using their abilities to heal their friends, they also cast spells to protect people in combat. With little melee ability, the priest fills this void by healing themselves from the physical damage and relies on others for damage.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Priest Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Cheat: Detailed Ghosting Exploit

As I obviously don't know what's already available on the members section, I'll toss a few things in here, I'd think its enough to warrant a membership if anything is, as I doubt any of this is very common knowledge.

The old ghosting trick from EQ1 still works. If your not familiar with it, you pull your cord, run past KOS mobs, and plug it back in. That exploit isn't ground breaking, but used differently can be extremely useful. Entities are controlled by the server in EQ2 (things like doors, clickie objects, etc) which is why zone scripts like nektropos castle work (where one second you wont be able to open a door, but the next you will without actually getting a key item) and when the client and server lose communication, they disappear.

What this means is if you find a door you want to access, run about 25 seconds away from it, pull your cord, run back.. depending on what kind of entity it is, one of two things will have happened. 1) nothing, 2) the door wont exist! Since it wasn't drawn when you pulled the cord, the server wont have had the opportunity to spawn it, and you can walk right through.

If 1 is the case, you can still pass through the door. Assuming you've been unplugged for about 30 seconds at this point, turn on auto run facing into the door (jump up onto the handle if you can) wait 5-10 more seconds (depends on ISP and network setup) then plug back in. As the server and client re-sync it despawns, then respawns all entities in the zone.. which gives you a brief period of time to pass through the door.

This works on every single locked, or unlocked door in the game that I've found so far. I've personally used it all over the death fist citadel and nektropos castle. It doesn't always work every time 100% because the time where the door is despawned is very brief, but if you keep at it, you'll get it.

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