EQ2 Program EverQuest 2 Program EQ2 Programs
EQ2 Program EverQuest 2 Program EQ2 Programs

EQ2 Programs can be considered a variety of things in EverQuest 2. The first and most likely the most famous of all EverQuest Programs are EverQuest 2 Macros. Macros allow players to go out and run the game without them being there. A good example would be a Harvesting Macro Program that will simulate keystrokes and mouse movements without you being at the computer.

Another famous EQ2 Program is a EQ2 Bot. A EQ2 bot for example would once again be a harvesting bot. But instead of just simulating movements it actually has a way to think on its own. So for example if the area you are harvesting is running low on materials it will auto search for a new area and being harvesting there.

The final type of EverQuest 2 Programs would be EQ2 hacks. These actually manipulate the game play for a desired effect. Some good example of these could be EQ2 radars that let you see monsters farther than you are suppose to, or maybe a EQ2 jump hack that in turn would allow you to actually fly up into the sky and look around the game world.

Whether its Eq2 Macros EQ2 Bots, or EQ2 Hacks you are still using an EverQuest 2 program. In turn this will allow your gaming experience to change for better.

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