EQ2 Quests EverQuest 2 Quests EQ2 Quest
EQ2 Quests EverQuest 2 Quests EQ2 Quest

EQ2 Quests from TaultUnleashed provide you with all the info you need to know. Most EverQuest 2 quests in the game have little or no info and that is where TaultUnleashed comes into player. At TaultUnleashed you will be shown how to complete most every EverQuest 2 quest in the game with little or no work needed. Some EQ2 quests even shown are ones that haven't even been added into the game yet. An example of an EQ2 Quest is the Maj'Dul Zone Quest called a Tears Grifter.

Quest starter : A Tears Grafter

Reward About 4g with body drops averaged in.
4-7 faction coins that sell on my server for 70s-1g ea.
And the best part 3-4% exp per run (kills and quest exp.)
The only downside is about a 20 min lockout timer.
This is an easy solo run that takes about 4 min to finish.
Mobs scale with character level, so exp stays high.

Now after being a member of TaultUnleashed you will be given step by step instructions as how to most easily complete this EQ2 Quest.

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