EQ2 Ratongas EverQuest 2 Ratonga
EQ2 Ratongas EverQuest 2 Ratonga

Everquest 2 Ratonga looks like a rodent about the height of a dwarf. Their bodies being rat like are covered in thick hair with furless tails. Their eyes are small and are used best in the dark. The ratonga are a weak race but their armor is strong to protect them. They prefer to behind the battle in the shadows and doing as much damage as they can without being seen.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Ratonga Cheat From The Past

Changing in game chat colors and faking item links.

I've known about this one for a while and never posted, I am not sure if it's an exploit or what forum it would belong to (I'll let our mods decide on that) but it might be interesting to someone. It is actually 2 different (yet kind of similar) bugs/exploits but I hate 2 short posts on boards when it can be consolidated into one.

If you type a msg like /say Read the BLOOD ...... and you wanted BLOOD to be in bright red for example, you can change the in game colors on text by doing the following (we will use the above msg as an example:

Type /say Read the /#ff0000BLOOD

Right click or use your back arrow in the text input part of your chat window to backspace to the '/' ..... (I am referring to the '/' before the #)
Erase/Delete the '/' and replace with a \

Presto all text after the \#ff0000 will become red.

Now once you have 'mastered' this you may want to try other colors. If you know the hex clr values on your system input various values in there for different colors. If you want to get some colors use something like AUTO IT v3 color tool and get some color values that you want to input/substitute for ff0000 (Like green orange brown d.grey, l.grey).

Just don't go getting yourself banned by trying to impersonate customer service with server downtime msgs like the bright boy in my guild who showed me exploit.

Ok another chat exploit is creating fake links (remember this from EQ Live I use to love this one). I have yet to see ANYONE do this in game and don't know why because it is even easier to do than EQLive. I discovered it while reading through my log files and decided to mess around and see if I could get it to work. Now for all you who might not know what a fake link is, it's when you trick the game client into sending an item link but changing the text in the chat window to say something else. An example: Fred wants me to link him my Berik, The sword of Thunder. I link the sword to him but instead it reads Homojoe, The sword of Thunder. He clicks it and it links Berik the sword of thunder just the /tell msg link words were diff. Here is one easy way to do this one (there are probably tons):

Make a log file by typing /log.

After you have begun a log file say/tell/shout a link or have someone else say tell shout one.

Go into your log directory under your sony / everquest2 directory and open up the log file with WordPad.

You should see a text string in there similar to this (we will use the SBD link as an example) .... \aITEM 124071189 Serrated Bone Dirk:Serrated Bone Dirk\/a

Now edit the second name in the string after the ':'. Here is an example using the above string .... \aITEM 124071189 Serrated Bone Dirk: My HUGE Boner\/a

Using standard cut and paste, CTRL+C the editted string (full string or you will not have a link including the \/a at the end) and go to your EQ2 window.

Now CTRL+V (paste for the layman) into the chat window bar. You should now see 'My HUGE Boner' as a link in the chat window when you send it.


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