EQ2 Scout EverQuest 2 Scouts
EQ2 Scout EverQuest 2 Scouts

Everquest 2 scouts use their abilities of stealth to deal damage. While dealing damage from the dark, they are also trained at detecting people in the shadows and disarming traps. Scouts rely upon surprise to inflict damage and hope their enemy doesn’t detect them before so.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Scout Cheat From The Past

EQ2: 80 Gold Per Hour *NERFED*

Here I hopefully have a new Guide to make some Plat easily.

In Ever frost there is a solo instance named forbidden sepulcher. First you have to make the access quest for this zone. How you can do this is described in the end of this guide.

The mobs in this zone have a level from 40-42.

First thing you can do is to kill all the Mobs in this zone. Many of them drops things you can sell to the vendor for about 25silver each. At the end of this zone there is a boss mob called countess of satrinah. Kill only her and you get a chest. The drop of this chest is worth around 4,5G at the vendor. Then leave the zone and kill all the mobs in the zone and the boss again. If you are level 47 you can run directly to the boss mob countess of satrinah without having adds. Normally she is 42 (green). Sometimes she is 41, then you have to leave the Zone and re-enter. If you kill the countess of satrinah and the four casters standing around her, satrinah herself will spawn. Don`t kill her, because then you have a 12hours time on the Zone. When you only kill the countess each time you can make about 80Gold/hour.

Following text is taken from eq2.ogaming.com:

This quest begins by examining an unresponsive barbarian (search body on the ground) in the Jagged Plains area of Everfrost. He spawns at a couple of spots. Known locations:

+118, +21, -614

When you search the body you will receive a Frozen Amulet. Once you have the amulet he will despawn. Re-spawn is about 5 min.

The first order of business is to find someone who knows something about the amulet. The person who knows is Haijakt, the Shark Hunter. He is near the evac point in Everfrost.

After speaking to him you must investigate the Forbidden Sepulcher. All members of the group must have the access quest to do this. The entrance is at +68, +22, -720 in Everfrost.

Once inside you must work your way through the monsters to reach Countess Satrinah. She is spawned by killing the Disciple of Satrinah and her guards. You will automatically loot her head.

Return to Haijakt and give him the head (happens automatically) for your choice of rewards.

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