EQ2 Secrets EverQuest 2 Secrets EQ2 Secret
EQ2 Secrets EverQuest 2 Secrets EQ2 Secret

Everquest 2 secrets give you the common sense that most people don’t know about. With these secrets, it gives you an advantage compared to other people and shows you things that most people don’t know about. An example of EQ2 secrets is the ability to almost have infinite storage space and with this, you never run out of space for your things.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Secret From The Past

Jump off the griffon at certain places *NERFED*

this will only work when your within a certain amount of time of the landing zone. not sure what the max time is. for example. i was at the nek station and was headed to the wailing caves. when i was flying over the wailing caves i right clicked the top part of the window and waited about 15 seconds (for the griffon to actually get to the landing zone) after i clicked back in i was floating in the air right above the wailing caves.

if anyone knows the max amount of time that you can right click the top of the window before getting logged out then that's the max amount of seconds you should count from the station.

two things you have to be careful of:
1. make sure your not to high from the ground or else when you fall you wont survive...
2. make sure you don't hold the window for too long or else it will just zone you to the character select screen and you'll have to wait some time before you can log back in cause it will give you the 'account already in use' box and also when you log back in if this happens you'll be at the station at which you started.

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