EQ2 Spell EverQuest 2 Spell EQ2 Spells
EQ2 Spell EverQuest 2 Spell EQ2 Spells

Everquest 2 spells are the outcome of when mana is used. Tault.com provides you a complete list of all the spells currently available and what spells are open to each class. Another service provided is how to manipulate the files to show you all the spells and how to get each spell that you want.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Spell Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Cheat: Couple of Conjurer Useful Exploits

First think is free pet sacrifice, I found this one after they nerfed the casting itervien spell the sacrificing. You have to have a second pet like the shroom guy from Splitpaw. Call up the Sporling shroom guy after you have a pet up and buffed then zone somewhere. once you zone you can sacrifice pet and the fun pet dies and you still get your heal and power boost and keep fighting pet.

second thing is a way to use control pet spell to get through force field or walls or place u can see but cant get too. with pet up and on follow walk into the wall or force field you want to get through even though you are not moving your pet will eventually take off running through the wall, when pet runs through wall click the stay button on pet commands window. keep walking into the wall while casting take over pet it will eventually cast and you can run around with pet and pull mobs or open those doors that say door can not be opened from this side.

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