EQ2 Strategy Guides EverQuest 2 Strategy Guide
EQ2 Strategy Guides EverQuest 2 Strategy Guide

Everquest 2 strategy guide provides ways to accomplish whatever it is you want. By guiding you along you can do crafting quests, getting experience and how to do quests that could only be done in groups. One guide we have is how to do armor quests. Starting out in Freeport, with not a gold to your name can be tough. So many places to see, so many mobs to kill, but you're still equipped in that very noobish armor that you picked up from the isle! Save your coin my friends, and enjoy the wonders of questing for armor! Along with getting to know the areas that you will be sent to, making very nice experience, you can get some pretty good gear that will last you until you actually have coin to spend (or until you can get going on the level 20+ armor quests).

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EQ2: Make Money in EQ2 On Any Server Fast!!!

How can you make a lot of money in EQ2 relatively fast?

Well, look at it this way, Everquest 2 is played by lots of people, which is a huge community. And, it has its own currency and markets, etc... So why not play a little economics and try to monopolize? The key thing in this post is to figure out a way to manipulate the wholesalers market and have people exclusively buy from you!

Here is how i did this recently, and I made a lot of coin:
First I looked for an item that sold well on the wholesale market. The two items I decided to use was tuber strands and murdunk oranges. These sold very fast all the time. Then the thing to do is to go out and harvest these items. I usually waited until I had 3 or 4 stacks of 20 of each item. Now here is the tricky part. You put your items up for sale at a mid level price. I was charging 1S 25C per item. Then (this requires that you have some cash) you have to buy out all of the people selling your item for a lower price and add it to your list of items. I said there was a tricky part. You must be attentive to the market and watch for people to put your items up for sale at a lower price and buy them out as quickly as you can. Once you accomplish this, you have now set a Price Floor on the item you are selling. Now you are making 100% profit on items you harvested yourself, and a small profit on the items you bought off of others selling at lower prices.

The only way to make this work is to make sure that you clear the market of your items being sold by others at cheaper prices. THE KEY IS TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MARKET and to BE FAST TO REMOVE YOUR COMPETITION. I made over 100 gold pieces doing this!!!!

I hope this post gets me a premium membership and most importantly I hope this post helps everyone reading this!

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