EQ2 Trade Skills EverQuest 2 Trade Skills
EQ2 Trade Skills EverQuest 2 Trade Skills

Everquest 2 trade skills are ways to advance your character without having to find new equipment. But with EQ2 trade kills you can upgrade your own equipment without having to go and kill monsters. If you don’t want just upgrade equipment you can also do tradeskills as a way to relax instead of grinding quests. Tault.com provides the best ways to get your tradeskills up and the most effective way to do so.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Trade Skill Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Cheats: Quick AA Exp during Frostfell get while it's hot

Part of the whole Frostfell !@#$%^&* is the "Frostfell Candy Cane Grab 'n Tag" game.

3 Locations:
North Freeport (Evil can only use this one)
North Qeynos (Good only)
Greater Faydark (Up in the tree, good only)

10 minute waiting period to start game, 5 minute game duration - total cycle 15 minutes.

Top 4 scores in each game zone get a % of AA experience. The lower AA you have, the higher experience you get. At higher AA levels (1st toon I used had 84AA already) you only get ~10% per round. At lower levels I saw up to ~20% per.

You can be in the top 4 with 0 candy canes. Yes, that means you can just stand there and click to join the game every 15 minutes, to get from 10-20% AA xp.

At 10% every 15 minutes, it works out to a full A every 2.5hrs. Continuously. Non-Stop. I've already got 1 toon to 100, working 3 more still.

NQ is pretty jammed with people playing, but NFP & the GF games are way less used, so..

It's probably not intended that you can win the game with 0 and get the xp bonus, so jump on it before they uhh change it.

Edit: Forgot to add, there has to be 4 people or game won't run, wasted 15 minute cycle. The 3 games in their separate zones are separate scores, even though "Last Results" will list the top 10 from all 3. Good hunting.

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