EQ2 Trolls EverQuest 2 Troll
EQ2 Trolls EverQuest 2 Troll

Everquest 2 trolls have ugly appearances and seen as being ugly like the Iksar. Their faces have long extended noses and pointed ears. Almost as tall as ogres, they have great strength and are almost at brutal as the ogres. The trolls are disgusting for their do not care about their hygiene. They often have spilled blood on their equipment. From the corpses of their dead enemies they make adornments to show their trophy.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Trolls Cheat From The Past

Item Dupe, Potential Exploit

Hello guys, this is really really exciting for me, but for some reason it's not working twice, BUT every time I try, I can't get the circumstances as they were when the dupe actually happened.

Ok, here's what happened. I and a friend were trading a totem of the monkey the other night, and he lagged really bad after I hit the accept button for the trade, I thought that somehow the trade was cancelled because the item was back in my inventory. He said he clicked accept but then started to really really lag as he clicked the mouse. After about 10 seconds of this major lag he replies with "lol that was some bad lag, thx." I was like "thanks for what? the trade was cancelled." He then initiated a trade with me and put a totem of the monkey in the trade window and was like "well than how did I get this?" Now, this dude is my brother-in-law, so he wouldn't lie to me, but to be sure lol, I called him on his cell. He told me that he had NO totems at all in his inventory prior to the trade, and after the lag spike, we both ended up with one. It was really REALLY weird. So we got excited and tried duping my RGF and to no avail we haven't been able to re-accomplish this scenario.

Here are the exact conditions:
We were in TS on the docks near the Nek bell
We started a trade and I clicked the accept button
There was no visible lag on my end, but I can't be certain
As he was clicking accept, his computer froze for about 10 seconds
Afterward, we both had a totem in our inventory

My proposal, if possible for your scripting bot guru's is to somehow create a program or script that could spike a large amount of server side or client side lag, whatever you deem as being the cause, that could be triggered at will, causing the relative conditions I described. I can't imagine, now that it's on the forums, this potential exploit will last much longer, so if you think you can help, please try to re-create this to see if you can do it as well. Thanks

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