EQ2 Walkthrough EverQuest 2 Walkthrough
EQ2 Walkthrough EverQuest 2 Walkthrough

Everquest 2 walkthrough provide in-depth guides to accomplish whatever you are doing. EQ2 Walkthroughs on Tault.com have many different guides to help you along. Some walkthroughs we have are the flying carpet quest, farming T5 chests and doing other quests. Walkthroughs are always being updated with new ones as content is introduced.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Cheat Walkthrough From The Past

EQ2 Exploit: super jump 2.0

I have found a new way to super jump, it actually will let you jump high enough to see the whole zone lol.

step 1. Collect all the pieces to the collection quest "Large piece airship plating" or something like that.

step 2. The reward for the quest is a pair of boots called "Gnomish spring boots" which have a weird effect that freezes you in place and makes you jump up and down for a min and a half.

step 3. clickie on the boots while it is equipped and then as it is jumping up and down, minimize your eq2 window, the longer you have it minimized the higher you will jump. if you cancel the spell you can move forward w/o taking fall dmg.

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