EQ2 Wood Elves EverQuest 2 Wood Elf
EQ2 Wood Elves EverQuest 2 Wood Elf

Everquest 2 Wood elves are the cousins to the High elves and share the same features as them. However, the wood elves are only 5 feet high and live inside the forest. Their spirit makes them friendly compared to all the races. From living in the forest so long, they often blend in with the trees. With not much strength, they make up for this with their agility.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Wood Elves Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Secrets: 10 gold in 10 minutes

hey, i found an easy, repeatable quest that gives 10 goldish reward and takes approx 10 mins to complete.

Desert of Flames
got to be around level 50+ (to be able to do it and not die)

ok, this quest is not an exploit, but i can defiantly see it being nerfed in the future. also if you have evac its faster, and if you have 2 evaccers its way better! =P

ok so here's how you do it:
in Maj'Dul there is a guy in the court of truth named Aquim (or something along those lines). he gives 3 quests. one of them is named "The Aftlerlife" choose that one. the quest will require you to go out to the sinking sands and kill anywhere from 3 - 9 undead type. if you dont get one to kill ghouls, delete the quest and get it again. do this till you get the one to kill ghouls. no head back out to the sinking sands and you will zone in right in front of the docks. head up north towards the beaches with the caimens. run past them and to your left, there will be a climable wall. now what?...you guessed it, you gotta climb it! =P ok once your at the top, there shold be a toxic cobra rock/camp thingy right in front of you. head north west...

i think...till you go over a dune and there is a meteor looking rock with ghouls all over it. all of the ghouls are solo mobs. so just kill the number of ghouls you need. there is also a chance for the named to be up who drops a chest that can sell its items for 5 goldish (woo extra money) then there are the the looted coin and vendor crap drops from the ghouls. now, once you have all of your ghouls, run back to the docks and click the carpet to fly to maj'dul. [**note** if you are a class that can evac use it here, it shuold bring you to the docks] when you get into maj'dul, run back to aquim and turn in your quest. your money is like 3 gold and some silver. then he will let you choose between 3 items. choose the MIDDLE one i think they are gloves.

those sell for the most which is 5 gold 93ish silver. so right off the bat you got 9 gold, then you got all the vendor crap you got from killing the ghouls. REMEMBER: sell the gloves to your hometown cuz they give you the best prices to sell at. the gloves are not lore. so now, get the quest again, and make sure its ghouls and start from the top. this quest takes me about 10mins to do and i got j-boots. if you have a horse or are an evacer or both, great, faster money for you =]

have fun farming before it gets nerfed =]

PS: i dont have time right now, but i'll see if i can make a little .gif animation or something showing the route to aquim and the ghouls.

**EDIT** hey, also if i could get some feedback on this, that would be great

also, dont forget the vendor crap lewt that drops from the ghouls. thats why i said 10 gold, cuz i factor in that vendor loot and the coin loot. but yes, if you just have quested loot, it goes to about 9 gold, which is still nice =]

ok i have the .gif animation to get to aquim for those who dont know (i knows its crappy, its my first animation ive done =P )

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